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Aida H. says,

My daughter has been taking medications for her problem for over 7 years.  After starting treatment with Marie, her symptoms decreased, and now almost a year later, her symptoms are almost gone.  She no longer takes medications and remains healthy.  Marie is easy to talk to, and her approach is extremely well rounded, and highly effective.


Mary B. says,

Marie Connor is a genuine find for anyone wanting healing and well-being at a foundational level.  She offers tremendous skill in her field of acupuncture along with an additional gift of profound insight into the workings of human nature.   I am deeply grateful for all she has done for me and members of my family.

Therese K. writes,

Marie's brand of warmth, deep knowledge and skills, experience, and common sense make her a master practitioner. She has treated me for more than a decade and I never fail to get up from her table with dramatic and positive effects.

Mark D. comments,

When I first went to see Marie I had chronic tension headaches, was lacking in energy and generally felt like I had lost my "mojo."  Marie took time to listen to me and seemed to "get" me -- and what kind of therapy I needed. After a few acupuncture treatments I started feeling a marked difference. Now, more than a year later, in many ways I feel like a new person -- more energy, almost no headaches and a stronger immune system. In short, Marie gave me my "mojo" back!

Linda F. says,

I've never experienced a practitioner who actually LISTENS to me! Marie really knows how to go beyond just my symptoms. She helps me get to the heart of the matter. AND my back actually feels better too!

Angela B posted on Facebook

Marie is amazing. At the time of this review I've been her client for only 3 or 4 months and the difference she has made in my life has been nothing short of a miracle in my eyes. After years of complex spinal cord surgeries, I had multiple issues that needed addressing but most pressing was a constant intense nerve pain that had been plaguing me for the past 6 years. Every other doctor and therapist I had seen until this point could do little more than look at me funny and throw pills at me hoping it would do something. Predictably, I was also wallowing under a soul-crushing depression that, at times, made it hard to decide to go on. When I looked into acupuncture I wasn't sure what to expect but I was desperate to explore every avenue of treatment.

Marie took time to listen to me and helped me to express the emotional pain that was entwined with the physical pain. She guided me through the process that is acupuncture and taught me how you can harness your own bodies energies to help heal yourself. Within two weeks I was experiencing not only physical symptom relief but also emotional relief! My mood was completely lifted which made the pain so much easier to cope with. I was amazed! As the weeks pass, I continue to improve and find my balance under Marie's care and guidance.

Marie truly cares for each one of her clients. She encourages you to contact her between appointments if you have questions or concerns and always has advice or tips of things to try at home to help with certain issues. She is delightful, funny and puts you immediately at ease. I highly recommend her to anyone who is struggling with pain issues or just general wellness and balance.

Being in chronic pain, you don't feel like yourself. I haven't felt like myself for 6 years. I'm starting to find myself again and it's all thanks to Marie.

Kathryn L wrote on YELP

If transcending from any forms of chronic aches & pains are necessary, Crossings is your landing place.

My lower back has been my Achilles Heal for over 25 years & aside from all the proactive measures I take, Acupuncture has quietly stayed in the back of my head. I've participated in Physical Therapy, Acupressure, Reflexology, Yoga, Swimming & such...only a temporary relief while in motion. 

My initial visit was  such an enlightening & liberating experience for me & my multi ailments.

Marie not only exudes a qualified, calming & gifted approach with her seasoned techniques, she will school you from A-Z concisely yet expeditiously in this amazing component of traditional Chinese medicine. 

Her healing perspective in conjunction with this form of alternative medicine was a internal blowing of my mind, body & spirit. 

The thin needles were darn near touch-less & barely noticeable as she studied the numerous acupuncture points before inserting them into my specific body parts. 

For me, I walked away with less discomfort from the chronic aspect 
& it became more evident/effective later in the day & evening. 

Per design, everyone's make up is for me, this was better accommodating & cost efficient to the standard care & reiteration of "you should have back surgery" - NEGATIVE. 

Marie's extensive training & methodical/chakra familiarity approach enhanced 
my sense of wellbeing 10 fold. It also awaken the yearning I have for my vitality to evolve through this inner cultivation of holistic learning & treatment-POSITIVE.

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