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My Story


These bios never get to the essence so I'll tell you a few facts and go from there.  I suppose you'll just have to come on in if you'd like to know the person behind the facts.


I grew up and went to Catholic school just outside of Baltimore and left home at 18 to follow a path as a servant of God (as I saw it). Somewhere among the many experiences I had following that path, I got a Bachelor Degree in Theology with the naive hope that I could use it toward becoming a Catholic priest.  HA!


I left the church a few years later and became a Massage Therapist. I wasn't the "spa massage" type. Most of the unexpected focus of that work was with people in psychotherapy.   I did a lot of mind-body-somatic-emotional healing work long before that kind of stuff became popular and before there were degrees or certifications.


Over time, I noticed that most of the folks who were actually able to move past or to "heal" from trauma were concurrently receiving Five Element Acupuncture (FEA) to support their healing process.  I, myself, became an FEA patient during it's early American history.  I was amazed at how I felt: no longer depressed, more organized in my thinking, more at home in myself!


Several years later, I decided that I wanted to be even more effective in my work. So in 2000, I earned my Masters Degree in Acupuncture from the Traditional Acupuncture Institute (now known as the Maryland University for Integrative Healing- or something like that) after several years of study and practice. 


Combining my bodywork background, my Five Element Acupuncture training with my spiritual path is a perfect marriage for me.  I can bring it all to the treatment room

to offer a rich experience of partnership with my patients as we walk together to remember ourselves as wise, creative, happy, competent and worthy people.

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